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MIDI-2-USB, Een Alten Tech Challenge projekt (original, in Dutch)
MIDI-2-USB, An Alten Tech Challenge project (English translation)
2015 A short overview of the MIDI-2-USB project and the technologies involved in it.
Inside the MIDI message layer
MIDI protocol Karnaugh diagram
2015 The MIDI 1.0 standard is an unambiguous but context sensitive description intended for users of electronic instruments and instrument manufacturers. This implies difficulties in specifying and designing software for MIDI. This article presents a specification for the Musical Instrument Digital Information exchange that confirms to MIDI 1.0 but is targeted to software designers. The exchange of MIDI information is modeled in 4 layers: the physical layer, network topology layer, MIDI message layer and the application layer. The focus of the article is on the software definition of the MIDI message layer. A set of requirements and a Karnaugh diagram are presented that allow a full implementation of this layer. MIDI, software, monitor
Observable, the observer pattern revisited 2015 The Observer software design pattern (Gamma, Helm et a., 1995) suggests a tight coupling between the application problem domain and the pattern. Since this is often inconvenient, an adaptation of the pattern has been developed that minimizes this coupling and has been used for some years now with success. Software, Design Patterns, Observer
A User Interface Management Framework to assist in product development hardware-I/O user interfaces. 2015 When designing effective user-interfaces for smart products, there is a need to minimize the coupling between the functional software application and the physical user-interface of the product. The Bridge software design pattern (Gamma, Helm, et al., Structural Patterns, 1995) provides an obvious means to reach this goal. This article presents a framework that encapsulates base classes for the applicationís functional software and for the productís user interface implementation, together with the Bridge pattern methodology. A user-interface manager package is added to the framework to support attaching (and detaching from), of different userinterface implementors to the productís functional software, dynamically and at run-time. Software, product development, UIMF, UIMS, Design Patterns, Bridge