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Welcome to my site.

Below you see my main topics of interest and contribution. Topic links on the left and a specific marker per topic on the right. The topic markers assist you in locating where you are on the site, and return you to the main page of that topic with a single click.

Music Music

Tibetan music score from the 19th century, as displayed in the Asian division of the impressive Library of Congress World Treasures Beginnings exhibition in Washington DC.

Story analysis
  • Resident Evil (The Anderson / Jovovich universe)
  • Alien
  • Inferno (Dan Brown's novel)

The Efteling, an Anton Pieck styled showcase of the Grimm brothers and Hans Cristian Andersen, all of them makers of wondrous stories.

Software Engineering
  • Spreadsheet patterns
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Embedded software
Software development

The Apollo Guidance Computer and its user interface.

The vision and courage to actually go to the moon and back with this device, makes it an awesome milestone in embedded computing history.

  • MIDI
  • Design patterns